thanksgiving-dinnerThanksgiving is just around the corner.

If you have questions on the best way to thaw, prepare/cook a turkey, or you are concerned about food safety, you can call the USDA Meat & Poultry Hotline toll free at 1-888-MPHotline or send an email to: mphotline.fsis@usda.gov.


christmas-balls_thumbShoebox Christmas

Our Shoebox Christmas project is the largest community service event Wise County 4-H does during the 4-H year. We ‘adopt’ the Decatur and Bridgeport Headstart youth and families provide a boot box with goodies to give to an individual child. Boxes and information are picked up, families shop and boxes are returned to the Extension office by December 4th. On December 7th, we will have a wrap night in lieu of a county council meeting and all are welcome to attend to wrap a few boxes.

If this sounds like something your family would be interested in follow the steps below!

Contact your 4-H club manager  or Laurie at the Extension Office (627-3341). Laurie has contacted leaders and have given them a list so please check with them first.

  1. Get your Shoebox Christmas information (clothing and shoe size).
  2. Pick up a boot box from the  Extension office before or after you shop – we have enough boot boxes here for every child.
  3. Check the flyer for a list of items to purchase and SHOP! Don’t wait until the last minute, I promise the weather will be terrible.
  4. Return the boot box filled by December 4th to the Extension office.
  5. Join us on Wrap night December 7th!

If you have any questions on what to provide, the typical cost per box, etc. please let us know. We would love to answer any questions!Santa_Claus_04

We have almost 90 Headstart youth that are a part of this program and we could not do it without the generosity of our 4-H families

Flyer - 2015

Welcome to Wise County

Wise County is Not Out Of The Way, Just Out Of The Ordinary! Until recently, Wise County has been one the best-kept secrets in north central Texas. As with any secret, however, word is getting out . . . The expansion in recent years of the Alliance Corridor in northwest Tarrant County, and the Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County, have brought unparalleled growth to our area.

Just north of the heart of the Fort Worth metropolitan area, and less than an hour from DFW International Airport, Wise County provides convenient access to any product your heart desires. But what makes Wise County out of the ordinary is our community culture.

Come and visit Wise County. You can shop in our stores, study our history, and meet some friendly people. Take a look at our homes, new and old, and you will be amazed at the value. Visit our banks where you get to talk to a real, live banker that can handle your financial needs in a personal way. And don’t worry if you fall in love with our way of life because, whether for a day or a lifetime, you’re welcome in Wise County.

Wise County Annual Report 2014

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  40 Gallon Challenge


 What is the 40 Gallon Challenge?

The 40 Gallon Challenge is a call for residents and businesses to reduce our region’s water use on average by 40 gallons per person, per day. The challenge began in 2011 as a voluntary campaign to increase water conservation.

The 40 Gallon Challenge encourages people to save a minimum of 40 gallons a day by adopting new water-saving techniques. The pledge card outlines water-saving practices and the daily water-savings to expect. You can use the pledge to review the water-saving practices that you or your family currently puts to use. By pledging new practices, you will see the total daily savings expected for your household

To start saving water and take the challenge, go to the website and complete the checklist of water-saving practices.  The checklist includes both indoor and outdoor water-saving tips.



County Population: 60,939

Retail Sales Tax: 8.25%

Annual Average Temperature: 65.7 degrees F

Monthly Average High Temperature: 84 degrees F

Monthly Average Low Temperature: 42 degrees F

Annual Average Precipitation: 42″

Annual Average Snowfall: 3.9″

Elevation: 1,111′

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