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Wise County Court HouseWise County is Not Out Of The Way, Just Out Of The Ordinary!

Until recently, Wise County has been one the best-kept secrets in north central Texas. As with any secret, however, word is getting out . . . The expansion in recent years of the Alliance Corridor in northwest Tarrant County, and the Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County, have brought unparalleled growth to our area.

Just north of the heart of the Fort Worth metropolitan area, and less than an hour from DFW International Airport, Wise County provides convenient access to any product your heart desires. But what makes Wise County out of the ordinary is our community culture.

Come and visit Wise County. You can shop in our stores, study our history, and meet some friendly people. Take a look at our homes, new and old, and you will be amazed at the value. Visit our banks where you get to talk to a real, live banker that can handle your financial needs in a personal way. And don’t worry if you fall in love with our way of life because, whether for a day or a lifetime, you’re welcome in Wise County.


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Jim Frank Hornback Scholarship

High School Ag. students who plan on majoring in agriculture at a Texas College or University are eligible for the $2,000 Jim Frank Hornback Scholarship.

Interested students, please complete the scholarship application below, along with a current high school transcript with SAT/ACT scores by Monday, April 2, 2018.

They can be mailed to our office Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, 206 S. State, Decatur, TX 76234 or hand delivered to the same address. (Must arrive by April 2nd deadline)

Interviews will be set up with students after applications are received.

Please contact our office at 940/627-3341 if we can be of assistance or you have any questions.

2018 Jim Frank Hornback Scholarship Application Form


Wise County Youth Fair

 Please check for updates on the Wise County Youth Fair’s Website LINK: http://www.wcyouthfair.org/

  ENTRY DATES:  January 1—February 3, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

The rules, guidelines, schedules, etc. can be found online at http://wcyouthfair.org .

Eligibility forms. WE MUST HAVE THESE on file by February 5th to get send to your child’s school. This is a new process for 2017-2018. To combat the potential logistical mess this could create, we are asking that a parent/guardian print and sign one form for our office to keep on file.  The form can be emailed, dropped off or faxed to our office (940-627-8070). This will help as we submit dates for livestock shows, 4-H contests and the Wise County Youth Fair. Thank you!

Heart of a Champion Information:

Join us for the Heart of a Champion livestock show on March 2nd! Forms are due to Extension office by Monday, February 5 at County Council! The Heart of a Champion show is open to all special needs individuals in Wise County. Participants will be able to show a pig, goat, lamb, rabbit or dog in the ring to wrap up the Wise County Youth Fair. Shirts, ribbons and dinner will be provided. Volunteers need to be at the barn by 4pm (check in will start at 1) and the show will kick off at 5pm.

From our 4-H family we are asking for volunteers. 4-H youth can sign up to volunteer and volunteer their animal if they would like. All participants that volunteer their animal need to have their animal on the grounds by 2pm on Friday, March 2nd. Volunteers are needed to partner up with the participants to help make their experience the best yet!

Adults are also welcome to volunteer. We will need help getting the meal set up and as needed with youth and participants.

Fans in the stands are also important! We need individuals to cheer on the stars in the ring as they get to experience a livestock show.

Please fill out the forms below and send back to me. You can email forms, drop off or fax 940-627-8070

2018 Adult Volunteer Form        2018 Participant Registration form          2018 Youth Volunteer Form

Horse validation form found here ; http://wcyouthfair.org/DeptL.html

Horticulture information:

Just a reminder of the February 1st validation deadline that is approaching for a few of the horticulture classes for Wise County Youth Fair. Containers, Hanging Baskets, and Single Grown Plants must have a letter of validation showing picture and stating the start date of project, mailed to youth fair.

Parade information:

We are a few short weeks away from the start of the Wise County Youth Fair!! This year, the WCYF Board has decided to bring back the parade to kick off the Youth Fair

 Instead of each club being responsible for a float, we will create a Wise County 4-H Float. This float represents all of Wise County 4-H and  we would love it if each club was represented! **IF your club/project group would like to have your own float, that is OKAY with me! Just let me know please so we can get the paper work filled out.

 We have a list of needs below, please feel free to contribute what you have around the house or come and ride on the float. Please help in some way if you are participating in the parade.

 We will need lots of parents to help with this event (primarily making sure the 4-Hers are safe)! Clover kids CAN participate but a parent must be with them at all times.

 Decorating will start at 8:30 am in the Sandford Oil parking lot *CHANGE*. Help and donations are needed even if you are unable to participate in the parade.

 4-H participants wanting to walk or ride on the float, please be there between 8:30am. Try to get there early as there are lots of floats and people! Feel free to bring your small animal project (rabbit, dog, goat, etc) to participate in the parade. Be sure to have appropriate transportation/lead for your animal, whether it be a wagon or collar with a leash. THE PARADE WILL START PROMPTLY AT 10am. Decorate your animal, cage or wagon with items festive and safe for your animal.

 Dress warm, bring a blanket, wear a 4-H shirt (over your warm clothes), hats and gloves are a must!!

To Sign Up: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/20F0E48ADAF2BA2FC1-parade4



2018 Wise County Youth Fair Schedule


9:00 am                    Parade line up

10:00                         Parade

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25           

8:00 am                     Horse – Check registration papers
8:30 am                     Horse Show (NRS Arena)
10:30 am                   Public Speaking (Weatherford College, Wise County)
7:00 pm                     Queen Contest

 7:00 am               Arrival of Breeding Dairy Goats, Longhorn Cattle  (Check papers on arrival), Breeding Swine -In place by 3:00 pm

8:30 am              Horse Show (NRS Arena)
10:00 am             Breeding Dairy Goat Show   (Release following show)
12:00 noon          Arrival of: Rabbits

1:00 pm                Meat Pen Rabbits judged     Followed by Breeding Rabbits
1:00 pm                Longhorn Show – Steers followed by heifers  (Released following show)
4:00 pm               Breeding Swine Show    (Released following show)
6:30 pm                4-H Parade of Fashion

8:00 am                  Arrival of Broilers, & Breeding Poultry – Must be in place and wing band cards turned in for broilers by 8:30 am.
8:00-1:00 pm        Arrival of Market Lambs,  Market Wethers,  Must be in place by 1:00 pm.
8:00-3:00 pm       Arrival of  Market Swine  Must be in place by 3:00 pm.
8:00-4:00 pm       Arrival of  Market Steers   Must be in place by 4:00 pm.
9:00 am                  Broiler Show  Followed by Breeding Poultry Show  (Released following shows)
10:00 am               Dog Show
2:00 pm                Weighing & Classifying of Market Lambs immediately followed by Weighing & Classifying of Market Wethers
Weight/Breed cards are due to Superintendents once your animal is weighed.
4:00 pm                Weighing & Classifying of  Market Swine immediately followed by Weighing & Classifying of  Market Steers
Weight/Breed cards are due to Superintendents once your animal is weighed.
4:00-7:00 pm       Registration papers & tattoos checked on Beef Heifers

7:00-10:00 am      Arrival of: Breeding Boer Goat –  Registration papers and tattoos will be checked upon arrival.
7:30-10:00 am       Arrival of: 4-H Foods, Crafts & Photography,  FCCLA Foods & Crafts, & Horticulture
8:00 am                  Market Swine show followed by: Invitational Celebrity Show
10:30 am                4-H Food & Crafts judged,  FCCLA Food & Crafts judged, Horticulture judged
4:00 pm                 Market Lamb Show followed by Breeding Boer Goat Show & Market Wether Show
4:00 pm                 Agricultural Product Identification—Poultry Barn
5:00 pm                 Ag Mechanics begin moving in – Must be in place by 8 am Friday
5:00-7:00 pm      Viewing of  4-H, FCCLA & Horticulture exhibits

8:00 am                Prospect Steer Show immediately followed by the Market Steer Show
10:00 am                Agricultural Mechanics judged
12:00 noon             Release of Market Goats, Lambs, & Hogs
1:00 pm                  Breeding Beef Heifer Show (All Beef Animals released at conclusion of show)
4:00 pm                  Pictures taken of 4-H Food, Crafts, and Photography winning entries
4:15 pm                   Pictures taken of FCCLA winning entries
4:00-5:00 pm        4-H & FCCLA Food, Craft, Clothing, Photography, Horticulture released
5:00 pm                  Heart of a Champion Show

9:00-11:00 am       Judging Contest
10:00 am                 Pet Show
11:00-12:30 pm     Bar-B-Q Meal
12:30 pm                 Awards
1:00 pm                  2018 WCYF Auction
2:00 pm                 Release of all remaining animals & Ag Mech


Good Luck Wise County 4-H’ers!





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