Garden’Wise Video Series

Garden’Wise Video Series

Marty Morgan, Wise County Ag Agent

This gardening series will help beginners to start a vegetable garden, to grow, maintain and produce a harvest that they will enjoy throughout the season.  I believe it can help even the seasoned gardener as we all strive to learn new ways and methods to improve our gardening skills and yield a bountiful harvest.

Soils in Gardens – Learn about soil testing, soil preparation, soil types and how to improve your soil to get the most out of the your garden. 


Composting in the Garden – Learn how to make and use compost in your vegetable gardens in order to add organic matter, reduce compaction, hold soil moisture longer and most importantly add beneficial nutrients for your plant to use and thrive.

Mulching in the Garden – Learn the many benefits of using mulch in your vegetable garden.  From moisture retention, higher yields and less compaction in your soil and much more.

Fertilizing the Garden – Understand how to soil test then fertilize your garden correctly using organic or inorganic fertilizers to supply your vegetable plants with the correct nutrients for a healthy and productive garden.  

Planting the Garden—Answers to these questions- Why we plant a garden?  Why is location is important? What dates to plant?  What vegetables to plant?

Watering the Garden – Learn how to efficiently and correctly water your garden using proven techniques to get the most out of your plants.  Over watering is not only wasteful but can be detrimental and cause plants to not be as productive as they are capable of if done correctly and timely.


Disease and Pest Control in the Garden – Plant diseases and insects that wreak havoc in the garden and reduce plant growth and fruit. 


Harvesting, Handling & Storing – Learn about harvesting your vegetables when they are ripe and at the right stage of maturity.  Understanding the three keys to protecting the quality of your produce after harvest like temperature, moisture and ventilation.

Soil Solarization – Learn about a technique to kill the unwanted grass, weeds, seeds, bacteria, and insects in your garden area.








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