Wise County 4-H Clover Crates

We have been busy planning fun summer activities for our 4-H members!

Each summer we plan DIY Day Camps open to 4-H and non-4-H youth, age 8 and up. Since this summer is different, due to kitchen size restrictions (we would have to limit each camp to 5 participants), we are releasing “CLOVER CRATES”!

The topics for the crates include: art, nature, STEM, sewing, and Kids in the Kitchen.

Each crate will have 4 to 5 activities and contains enough supplies for TWO youth! In the box, there will be a summary page with supplies needed, step by step instructions for each activity, and almost all the supplies you will need**. For most boxes, other supplies you will need are things that you have at home i.e. pencil, tape, scissors.

**The Kids in the Kitchen box will contain various supplies but there will be a shopping list provided beforehand.**

We are also working on videos for each activity for our friends that are visual learners 😊

The first box will be released June 15th.

**More information on ordering will be released this week!

Please call the Wise County Extension office for more information 940-627-3341.




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