Disease and Insect Control

The latest research on Sugarcane Aphids, a new pest that is very destructive to our grain sorghum and annual fast grasses can be found here:
Sugarcane Aphids

Problems with Mosquitoes? Go to Mosquito Safari to discover what everyone should know about this pest!


The Battle with All Armyworms

Do I have Bagworms or Fall Webworms

Controlling Grasshoppers


Wheat-Managing Insects and Mite Pests of Texas Small Grains



Natural organic alternative methods for control


Latest fire ant control products

Insects-Winged Termites and Winged Ants

Insects-Pasture pest from OSU

Insects-Managing Tx Small Grains 8-18

Insects-Managing Insects and Mite Pests of Texas Small Grains

Insects-Management of in pasture and rangeland OSU

Insects-Fire Ant control methods 14

Insects-Fall Webworm management

Insects-Fall Armyworm-Fact-Sheet-2018


Insects-Bagworm Management

Insects and mites of Tx Forage crops

Insecticide-warrior label 14 day restriction

nsecticide-Tempo SC Ultra (900 ml) Label

Insecticides-What is a pyrethroid insecticide


Insecticides – Grasshopper-Control

Insecticide-Temprid_FX_Label ,Imid

Insecticide-Silencer-Label 0-7

Insecticide-Sevin_XLR_Plus Labe

Insecticide-Sevin Insecticide – Labe


Insecticides labeled for fall armyworm

Insecticide-PrevathonR Label Worms & hoppers

Insecticide-PrevathonR by Dupont

Insecticide-Prevathon Label


Insecticide-Merit Granular Label

Insecticide-Merit 0.5 G for Turfgrass

Insecticide-Meridian Label for Turf Grass

Insecticide-Lambdastar Plus Label

Insecticide-Karate Label 2017


Insecticide-Dupont Coragen Label

Insecticide-Cobalt label

Insecticide-Carbaryl_4L label


Insecticide-Bifen_XTS_Label lawns

nsecticide-Besiege Label

Insecticide Rynaxypyr for brown apple moth

Insecticide Options for Emarald Ash Borer


Insect control recom for field crops and pasture

Insect control for Apple and Pear 2017

Grasshopper Control

Fireants-Natural organic alternatie methods for control

Fireants-Latest fire ant control products

Fawligen Label for Armyworms

Fall Armyworm-Fact-Sheet

Chiggers-an itchy little critter


Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Agents Handout

Asian Giant Hornet Look-alikes 101 Xanthe Shirley

Armyworms@Grasshoppers copy2

Armyworm Fact Sheet

Armyworm Fact Sheet 2019 revision

Armyworm Fact Sheet 2015

Aphids-Scouting Sugarcane Aphids




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