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Intersection of the Cattle and Beef Industry webinar series

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension is co-hosting a webinar series focused on the intersection of the cattle and beef industries. Topics to be covered include imports, exports, Country of Origin Labeling , packer consolidation and margins, euthanasia of livestock in other industries, opportunities and challenges of local production, and the Beef Checkoff program. The COVID–19 pandemic and resulting slowdown in beef harvest has brought a lot of issues and concerns surrounding the production, processing and marketing of beef to the surface. Concern about trade, promotion, economic losses and profits have elicited conversations that are often hard to understand without knowing all the facts behind the conversation.

Cattle producers, consumers and decision makers will have an opportunity to learn more about the current issues in the cattle and beef industries through the Intersection of the Cattle and Beef Industry webinar series. North Dakota State University Extension is co-hosting the series with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and West Virginia University. The first webinar will be Thursday, May 7 at 7:00 pm CDT. Register for the webinar at: Beginning May 12 and every Tuesday and Thursday through June 25 a series of webinars will begin to go more into depth in each of these topics and many more.

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