Best Plants & Trees to Grow in Texas Landscapes

Great Tree Selections for North & Central Texas

  • Small Trees – Goldenball Leadtree, Western Soapberry, Chaste Tree, Yucca, Staghorn Sumac, more
  • Medium Trees – Pinyon Pine, Slash Pine, Honey Mesquite, Ash Juniper, Southern Magnolia and more
  • Large Trees – Slash Pine, Sawtooth Oak, Common Baldcypress, Bur Oak, Chinkapin Oak and more
  • Spreading Conifer – Eastern Redcedar, Shore Juniper, Creeping Juniper, Japanese Garden Juniper, Yews and more
  • Upright Conifer – Pinyon Pine, Slash Pine, Ash Juniper, Loblolly Pine, Japanese Black Pine and more

Whats Wrong With my Oak Trees

 Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Why Do My Trees Have Yellow Leaves

Pear Tree


Oak Problems MS Gardens

Most-Common-Fruit-Tree-Problems-in-Texas (1)

Live-oak dropping leaves

List of deciduous shade trees




Elm diseases


Cotton Root Rot

Common Diseases of Oaks

Trees, Bradford Pears-Fireblight-on-Pears

Trees for North Texas

Tree-Health-Issues TAMU


Tree Disease Identifying

Tree ID for landscapes

Tree Heatlh – Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Tree disease-dutch elm

Tree Answers

Tree & Leaf Identification

Tree & Leaf Identification


Oak Wilt Identification & Mgmt 2016


Oak Trees-Agri-FosSystemicFungicide

Oak trees -PENTRA BARK

Oak Tree ID the best one

Oak Diseases-phytophthora-root-rot

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